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Construction & Engineering

Tuesday, April 5th, 2011

Project-based organizations often live or die by their ability to successfully manage projects, deliver repeatable quality, and protect tight profit margins. In the increasingly competitive construction industry, companies need robust project management tools. Primavera has a proven suite of products to help you improve efficiency, minimize risk, and control costs on your construction and engineering projects.

Planning & Scheduling

Accurate planning and scheduling is paramount to delivering projects on time and on budget. The Primavera solution helps planners and schedulers develop fast, accurate project plans that can be easily adapted as situations change. We give you the tools to bring your projects in on target.

Plan projects quickly and realistically
Model resource pools and skills
Allocate resources efficiently
Experiment with what-if scenarios
Capture status updates from remote workers via the Web
Model risk
Integrate contractor schedules
Provide project templates and standards
Managing Risk

Risks are best managed as a team. Primavera provides a formalized risk management solution and Primavera training to allow the whole team to proactively identify, track, and mitigate project threats and opportunities:

Centralized risk repository
Cross-program risk visibility
Mitigation planning and control
Risk accountability
Cost Management

Stories of construction projects running way over budget are all too common. With the right tools, costs can be closely controlled and potential overruns spotted early. The Primavera product suite contains market-leading cost management capabilities to help you centralize and manage cost data with minimal effort.

Easy integration with most scheduling, accounting, and purchasing tools
Confident management of contract changes, quantities, and calculate costs
Cash flow management
Earned value and trend analysis for forecasting based on past performance
Management by exception and early warning indicators
Summary and time-phased reporting
Output reported directly to Excel spreadsheets
Real-time Reporting

To meet the needs of the many stakeholders who need visibility into project status, Primavera offers portal access to all participants via a browser. Dashboards provide executives and customers with real-time Key Performance Indicators and high-level project health information.

Role-based views and reports
Customizable dashboards
Integration of data from multiple systems
Drill-down reporting
Clear accountability
Team Collaboration

Successful projects often require collaboration between disparate teams. Each team member, engineer, and contactor needs access to the latest information and a clear outline of roles and responsibilities. Primavera ‘s collaborative portal connects all participants to ensure optimal team-work.

Share information, documents, and ideas
Create project home pages and share status updates
Track individual responsibilities and action items
Manage issues and risks
Create standards and processes
Capture progress updates remotely