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Aerospace and Defense Sectors

Tuesday, April 5th, 2011

In today’s global aerospace and defense market, where budgets are tight and competition fierce, companies need to leverage IT and program management best practices to deliver increased customer value and satisfaction. Primavera has over 20 years of experience in helping both commercial and government A&D contractors to improve program management efficiency, control costs, and improve enterprise performance.

Program management

Primavera provides a complete solution for program management that has been proven many times on programs of all sizes. Primavera understands that now, more than ever, program management requires tight integration of schedule, cost, risk, issues, and documentation.

Performance measurement and earned value

The Primavera solution provides full EVMS compliance on government programs and beyond. As an integral part of the validated system descriptions of many customers, our products bring market-leading capabilities in earned value management and analysis. Through management by exception and other EVMS techniques, the Primavera solution helps managers identify problems in time to apply effective corrective action to minimize cost overruns. Schedule integration and sophisticated automation capabilities reduce the burden of earned value reporting and provide a virtually self-maintained EVMS system. With the Primavera solution you can:

Perform variance analysis and maintain a database of issues and corrective actions
Calculate statistical forecasts along with customer forecasts
Manage the baseline and automatically log changes
Control complex baseline change procedures
Produce government reports such as CPR Format 1-5, CSSR, CFSR, and NASA 533 reports
Automate most processes and support weekly earned value
Program visibility

In today’s consolidated A&D industry, where programs typically involve a complex array of contractors, program visibility and data integration are major challenges. Primavera offers a program management portal that provides:

Top-down visibility to program stakeholders
Executive program dashboards
Data integration from multiple contractors and Integrated Program Teams
Integrated intelligence about schedules, costs, risks, issues, and documentation
Collaboration capabilities for dispersed teams
Minimized risk

Competitive pressures and tight budgets have led many A&D contractors to improve risk management on programs. Primavera supports a process of formalized risk management and provides risk visibility to all levels of the enterprise. The Primavera solution , combined with Primavera training , provides:

Centralized risk repository
Cross-program risk visibility
Mitigation planning and control
Maximizing investment in people

Optimal resource utilization requires prioritizing the right projects, balancing capacity effectively, and ensuring close collaboration between disparate teams. The Primavera solution is the A&D industry’s first choice for project and resource management, giving managers the tools to:

Choose the best projects
Optimize allocation of resources
Model resource pools and skills
Perform sophisticated resource leveling
Improve team collaboration
Portfolio management

When managing a portfolio of programs, A&D companies need a bottom-up view of all programs to support portfolio-level decision making. The Primavera solution improves the portfolio analysis and project selection process by helping managers to:

Track portfolio performance
Measure portfolio spending
Make objective project selection decisions
Align projects with business strategy
Perform high-level capacity planning