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High oil prices and increasing de-regulation are making it more important than ever for energy companies to manage their projects effectively. The Primavera solution provides the tools you need for improving project efficiency, controlling costs, and minimizing risk. Our products and expertise can help you to reduce the burden of cost management, schedule maintenance and outages, improve team collaboration, and reduce risk.

Cost Management

Energy projects rely on a diverse team to plan and manage program costs, typically using spreadsheets. Unfortunately spreadsheets usually do not talk to each other or to other corporate financial systems. Dual data entry and data integrity problems are all too common. The Primavera solution gives energy companies the ease-of-use and flexibility of spreadsheet reporting with the power of a centralized data source. With all project information in a central location, you can perform cross-project reporting, control cost calculation formulae, and automate integration with other systems.

Easy integration with most scheduling, accounting, and purchasing tools
Management of contract changes, quantities, and costs
Cash flow management
Earned value management system and trend analysis for forecasting based on past performance
Summary and time phased reporting
Output reported directly to Excel spreadsheets
Maintenance & Outages

Plant maintenance and outages can cost companies highly in terms of delays and lost production. Primavera ‘s solution provides sophisticated scheduling and resource management capabilities that help you minimize turnaround time. Our tools help you to ensure that the required manpower is available when needed and that equipment is utilized as efficiently as possible. Once the shutdown is underway, the tools provide a rapid cycle-time for progress collection, analysis, and exception reporting. When problems are identified, alternative solutions are easily modeled providing the visibility you need to deliver turnaround results.

Hierarchical project scheduling
Real-world calendar modeling including shifts
Flexible scheduling down to the minute
What-if modeling
Integration with other systems, such as MRO or work order systems
Project templates
Project Collaboration

With project teams often spread around the world, streamlining communication on energy projects is no small task. To ensure close collaboration betweens disparate teams, the Primavera solution, combined with Primavera training , can help you to:

Collaborate, exchange ideas, and share information
Keep track of all responsibilities, risks, and action items
Update project status remotely
Share data from multiple applications, including dashboard reporting
Risk Management

Risk management has never been more important than in today’s uncertain world. Project managers need the tools to efficiently capture and share risk information and proactively mitigate project threats. Primavera provides a formalized risk management solution for the systematic identification, mitigation, and reporting of project threats and opportunities. The Primavera solution gives you:

Centralized risk repository
Cross-program risk visibility
Mitigation planning and control
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