For today’s manufacturing companies, efficiency and time-to-market are often critical successful factors. You need to be able to choose the right projects and then optimize your resources to deliver those projects on time, on budget, and to quality. From planning new products to managing large build-to-order programs, the Primavera solution is helping many manufacturing companies to bring new products to market quickly, optimize resources, and improve project efficiency.

New Product Development / Portfolio Management

Primavera can help portfolio decision-makers prioritize projects based real-time metrics and objective criteria. The Primavera Portfolio Management solution , combined with Primavera training , gives you the ability to:

Make fast, informed portfolio decisions
Assess the right portfolio mix of products and projects
Plan realistically based on objective priorities
Align projects with business strategy
Adapt portfolios quickly in response to market trends and opportunities
Risk Management

Unmanaged risk can endanger any project. To minimize risk exposure and avoid unexpected surprises, Primavera recommends involving the whole project team in the risk management process. We provide a complete solution for formalized risk management and the proactive reduction of project risk.

Centralize all risk information
Achieve enterprise-wide risk visibility
Plan, control, and measure mitigation strategies
Define and ensure risk accountability
Project/Program Management

Whatever the nature of your projects, you need the right tools to maintain control, manage effectively, and ensure successful delivery. The Primavera solution provides the necessary tools to allow you to:

Optimize resource usage across all projects
Plan efficiently and quickly
Control project cost, quality, and delivery closely
Provide visibility into project status for all stakeholders
Measure performance and earned value
Manage by exception
Improve time to market
Cost Management

The Primavera solution gives manufacturing companies the ease-of-use and flexibility of spreadsheet cost reporting with the power of a centralized data source. With all project information in a central location, you can perform cross-project reporting, control cost calculation formulae, and automate integration with other systems.

Integrate seamlessly with MRP, Purchasing, and project schedules
Manage original budget and changes
Calculate bulk material items from direct tasks
Budget and forecast costs associated with overtime, waste, and rework
Collaboration and Communication

The Primavera connects everyone in your project environment (team, OEMs, partners, and even customers) to ensure maximum synergy and real-time collaboration. Primavera gives you the tools to:

Ensure timely communication with all project stakeholders
Keep everyone updated on all projects via a single interface
Combine multiple applications into custom dashboards and reports
Relevant Products

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