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There is increasing pressure on the IT organization to deliver greater value and ensure alignment with corporate strategy. This translates into a need for insightful portfolio management and project selection decisions, backed up with the right tools and processes for successful project execution. The Primavera project portfolio management solution can help you and your Project Office successfully choose the right projects, optimize use of skilled resources, and improve project delivery.

Portfolio Analysis

The Primavera solution provides a structured approach to evaluating, selecting, and prioritizing projects so that resources are always invested in the right projects – those that best fit with current business strategy. The entire project portfolio management process is improved by helping you to:

Consolidate key project information across the organization
Align portfolios with business strategy
Apply objectivity to project selection and prioritization
Rank and prioritize projects
Assess capacity to take on new projects
Track real-time project performance metrics
Risk Management

Unmanaged risk can endanger any project. To minimize risk exposure and avoid unexpected surprises, Primavera recommends involving the whole project team in the risk management process. We provide a complete solution for formalized risk management and the proactive reduction of project risk.

Centralized risk repository
Cross-program risk visibility
Mitigation planning, control, and measurement
Risk accountability
Resource Optimization

Skilled resources are a constraint on many IT projects. The Primavera solution and Primavera training can help you make optimal use of available resources and facilitate close collaboration between all participants.

High-level capacity planning
Cross-project planning and leveling
Skills definition
Collaborative portal for all team members
Issue and action item management
Successful Execution

Once the right projects are selected, Primavera helps you ensure successful execution throughout the project life-cycle. From accurate planning to cost control and issue management, the Primavera solution provides the IT project manager with the right tools for the job.

Fast planning and scheduling
What-if scenarios
Cost management and performance measurement
Management by exception
Management of issues, documents, and processes
Dashboard reporting for all stakeholders
MSP Integration

Many companies use Microsoft Project to plan and status their IT projects. The Primavera solution provides seamless integration with MSP to allow you to build a complete project portfolio management solution alongside your MSP investment.

Importing and exporting MSP schedules for multi-project management
Producing real-time status reports from MSP via the Web
Statusing MSP schedules remotely via the Web
Tracking portfolios of MSP-based projects
Linking risk management to MSP project structures
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