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Consulting Services

Tuesday, April 5th, 2011

Consulting Services

EVMS Implementation Services

748 makes project management simple by accelerating implementation and refinement of process with a three step approach:

1. Define who does what when. We have a recommended starter package that can be tailored to your business needs.
Below is a sample baseline development process:

2. Embed governance and workflow into the applications so that your processes do not sit on a bookshelf.

3. Document work instructions and embed into the instruction library so details of how to follow process within the applications is easy.

Systems implementation:

integration and interface requirements
software implementation
financial and other systems integration
EVMS process and tools training
enterprise rollout
Process consulting:

requirements definition
organizational readiness assessments
EVMS process design and documentation
ongoing surveillance
Integrated Baseline Reviews (IBRs)
EVMS mentoring and support
Data Integration

Many times our clients have a need for data integration solutions, especially during earned value implementations.  Data integration scenarios include but are not limited to:

Integration of EVMS software with legacy or commercial financial systems including Oracle, SAP, NetSuite, and others.
Integration with material, manufacturing and procurement systems
Custom web dashboards built to show composite business information customized by role.
Integration between ERP systems and project management applications.
We have seasoned developers that are capable of developing customized applications for your business needs.
Enterprise Project Management Implementations and Primavera P6 training

Our clients are unique, so we do not have a cookie cutter approach to implementations.

In the design phase of the implementation, we assist our clients in structuring their project management system data structures based on their specific business needs.
Subsequent to design is the prototype stage where test business processes  as they relate to our tools and integration products.
During the pilot phase, the prototype is refined and tested on a small dataset using real business information.
During rollout, the implementation solution is carried through to the entire business.

Project Portfolio Management
Our staff has deep experience in a broad base of PPM software tools. 748INC possesses the knowledge and expertise to help you succeed with your implementation project.

Capital, Maintenance and Turnarounds – We also provide the following plant intensive services.

Resource capacity planning and management
Team collaboration best practices
Low cost data integration with work order and financial management systems
Role based dashboard setup
Risk management and analysis
Productivity management and forecasting best practices
Staff augmentation
Application Hosting
748INC application hosting services can optimize performance, reduce server downtime, restore and recover data, and protect the application from potential virus or hacker attacks. The offering includes installation and maintenance of a database/application server environment to support the customer’s deployment of their project portfolio management solution. Turnkey solutions available when combined with 748INC’s PPM solution design, configuration and deployment service offering.

NetSuite OpenAir Training and Consulting

748INC has consultants that have many years of experience in NetSuite OpenAir implementations and training.

Costpoint Data Integration Services

We offer data integration between NetSuite OpenAir and many other applications.